Wyon Family Medallions

The Wyon Family have made a huge contribution to the design of British coins and medals over a period of 150 years and spanning 4 generations. George Wyon moved to England from Cologne in the late 18th century and set up as an engraver in Birmingham. His grandsons William Wyon and Thomas Wyon Jnr (who were cousins), both held the top position at the Royal Mint of Chief Engraver, Thomas in 1815, and William in 1828. William Wyon’s son Leonard Charles became the highly regarded LC Wyon, who was involved in significant medal production during the Victorian era and produced dies for the gold and silver coinage struck for the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria, as well as many coins for countries within the British Empire. Thomas Wyon Jnr died at the young age of 25 from consumption, but his nephews JS and AB Wyon (sons of Benjamin Wyon) worked together to create many notable medals during the mid to late 19th century.